Even though her brother Frankie Grande has laughed in the face of rumors that his little sister Ariana Grande is a diva, the reports of her crazy demands keep on coming in. According to a recent report, the "Bang Bang" singer upset a lot of people when she kicked everyone out of her hotel's lobby!

Following her Saturday Night Live performance, the singer performed at Out Hotel, and allegedly didn't make it easy for the staff or other guests.

“Before she got there she made security clear out the entire lobby. Even if you were a guest at the hotel you had to clear out. No one could sit in the lobby, but she came in the back. She took up a unisex bathroom with her mother and father and put two bodyguards outside," a source told the NY Daily News.


The artist allegedly came with a 21-person entourage, and quickly took up more than enough space.

“Basically, 3,000 square feet of hotel space was hers," another source said. "You had to show your hotel key to get anywhere."

While the singer was recently accused of being a "monster" at a photo shoot, those rumors were quickly squashed. Ariana's rep called these rumors false too.

"She was there with her family, dancers (who performed) and three friends,” her rep said.

Glad to hear that got cleared up! We would be heartbroken to know that she's let fame get to her head.

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