Last night, Miley Cyrus hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, and she may have thrown some shade at Taylor Swift while doing it! The show featured a pretty funny skit which dissed the "Bad Blood" singer, and there are reports that Miley may have had something to do with it.

The skit showed us what the world would be like if everyone joined Taylor's squad. Two girls get in a car accident and when they wake up, the world is run by the pop star and her squad.

Some think that Miley had something to do with the video because she's thrown shade at Taylor in the past! She's said that she does not want to be part of her squad and even called her out for having a bad message in her "Bad Blood" music video.

Hopefully things don't get too heated between the two songstresses!

Do you think Miley had anything to do with the skit that made fun of Taylor and her squad? Let us know in the comments.

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