Patrick Schwarzenegger supposedly loves Miley Cyrus because she's nothing like Taylor Swift! According to reports, his family was scared that their relationship would be like the "Shake It Off" singer's summer fling with Conor Kennedy — creating a media frenzy and getting serious fast.

Patrick and Conor are cousins, and their family wasn't too happy with the 1989 star for buying a house next to his in Martha's Vineyard. After they split, it was apparently hard for him to get away from the media craziness of their relationship.


However, we're not entirely sure this is true, especially we don't think their relationship ended that dramatically.

Since the "Wrecking Ball" singer is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, her relationship with Patrick is also guaranteed to get people talking. The fact that she's a different person from Taylor probably didn't play a large part in why he pursued her. In fact, he has been crushing on her since 2011, before Taylor and Conor even started dating.

Do you think that Patrick is with Miley because she's the anti-Taylor? Tell us in the comments!

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