After news broke that Taylor Swift was the mastermind writer behind Little Big Town's smash hit, "Better Man", everyone of course speculated that it was about her ex boyfriend Calvin Harris.

But, fans can't be too quick to judge – it may be about someone else!

Let's break it down.

So how did this come about? Taylor admitted to writing the song on social media for the band after they publicly acknowledged her skills on a Facebook Live. She has always loved the country artists that make up this band. So why couldn't the lyrics stem from her relationship with Calvin but sung by other people?

A source also told E! News that the song had been written a long time ago, possibly even years ago which clearly shows that it couldn't be about Calvin.

Lastly, Little Big Town member Karen Fairchild tried squashing the rumor by saying, "Everybody has a better man. It might have been a lover, or a parent that disappointed you. I think the beauty of that storytelling is that we can all relate to being disappointed in someone and still loving them, but saying ‘Enough is enough.' This would have been amazing if you would have gotten your act together. That's kind of a fun song to sing."

Of course, after all of this, we don't know what Taylor was thinking when she wrote it. We could all be wrong and Calvin could have been the sole inspiration but we'll leave that up to you to decide!

Who do you think the song is about? Let us know in the comments below!

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