The Vamps' James McVey was absolutely heartbroken when fans caught his girlfriend Kirstie Brittain cheating on him, but it seems like they've gotten back together! Even though they dramatically broke up in November, she recently posted a couple photo on Instagram with a guy who definitely looks like him!

She captioned the pic, "??."

james mcvey kirstie brittain

Even though you can't see his face, we're pretty sure he owns that coat — and it looks like his hair from the back.

james mcvey coat

In fact, they seemed to be on the path to reconciliation towards the end of December. James cryptically wrote, "I don't understand how they can change my mind and heart so easily." While it didn't make sense at the time, it seems like he was talking about his relationship!

We'll hold off on congratulating the couple on their reunion until we see a real couple photo, but we just want James to be happy! He told us he wanted to kiss Kendall Jenner under the mistletoe, but maybe he still had feelings for his ex.

Do you think that James got back together with his ex? Would you take someone back if they cheated on you? Tell us in the comments!

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