Sabrina Carpenter is gearing up to head out on her next heading tour, The De-Tour but before she did that, she was actually opening up for The Vamps on their tour all throughout Europe. She obviously had the best time ever getting to know Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball and she even recorded a new song with the band called “Hands.” Fun fact: she accidentally made that song have an explicit rating on it when she misunderstood the lyrics from the demo version she had heard before she actually recorded it. No one sent her the lyrics and she was confident in her memory, but she ended up singing “So leave your s—t at the door” instead of “Leave your shirt at the door,” which is was supposed to be. Only Sabrina! But we digress.

When we caught up with the boys — minus Connor who wasn’t able to make the trip to New York City — they spilled everything about what it was like having Sabs out on the road with them and as you can imagine, they absolutely sang Sabrina’s praises, confirming she’s just as cool and talented as you would imagine and she totally gets their sense of humor. James did admit that they found it a bit funny when fans started shipping her with some of them.

“All the rumors, they were like, ‘She’s definitely with James’ and then it’s like, ‘But wait!’ and I was [just] like ‘What?”” he jokingly explained.

So no, she’s not dating James, Brad or any of the guys in the band contrary to popular belief. But the real question everyone wants to know is if any of them have ever watched her Disney Channel series, Girl Meets World and well, let’s just say Brad revealed a rather interesting tidbit about what happened when he told her he actually did have plans to watch it. Check out the full video below:

It was definitely a tour a remember, that’s for sure!

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