Sabrina Carpenter is for sure a modern-day Disney Channel queen, having starred on the beloved series, Girl Meets World and in the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie, Adventures In Babysitting, as well as singing the theme song to another show on the network, Andi Mack. It’s obvious she’s a beacon of light on the network and she just recently opened up about a time she met another iconic member of the Disney family: Miley Cyrus. And these two actually go way back.

Speaking to MTV UK, Sabs was talking about one of the times in her life when she was truly starstruck and it happened when she met the “Malibu” singer back when Sabrina was a little girl, not yet a key figure of the House of Mouse like she is today.

“When I was ten years it was Miley Cyrus. I was wearing a fedora when I met her and I regret it entirely. She had a cold but she was super sweet to me when I met her and I’ll never forget that,” Sabrina said.

OK but Sabrina in a fedora hat though? Legendary. And the fact that Miley left such a positive impact on the “Thumbs” singer proved that Miley is really the sweetest and perhaps is one of the reasons why Sabrina ended up on Disney Channel too.

She’s not the only starlet who had such a lovely encounter with an OG Disney Queen. Dove Cameron shared a sweet story about the first time she ever met Selena Gomez around five years ago, and how they ended up hanging out at Sel’s house and Dove left that day with some solid career advice.

“We were going to meet for coffee, but she was just like, just come over. So I went over to her house and for a couple of hours just ended up barefoot on the floor of her kitchen,” Dove said. “I remember it was a while ago, she really stressed because I was so scared and she was like, ‘the most important thing is that you never deviate from your authenticity. You’re just open, you’re bare with your fans.'”

Dove has since gone on to obviously become another legend on the network and build that solid, super genuine connection with her fans. Jenna Ortega, a relative newcomer to the Disney Channel fam who has quickly become a fave, just met Sel recently too when the “Bad Liar” singer stopped by Radio Disney. Jenna shared the adorable moment on Instagram of course.

“So this happened yesterday. She’s as sweet as she is talented ❤️ #theog,” Jenna wrote in the caption.

So basically, all the major stars from your childhood are truly as nice as you would imagine and they’re helping really pave the way for the current DC queens who will undoubtedly go on to keep their legacy of kindness and grace alive. Sobbing.

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