If Miley Cyrus taught us anything during her Disney Channel days, it's that you can totally get the best of both worlds. However, that doesn't seem to ring true now that Hannah Montana is long over. Miley totally tried to pull a Hannah by throwing on a wig and sunglasses to perform at the 47th Street subway station in New York City, but she totally got recognized anyway. How did Miley Stewart do it?!

In a hilarious segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Miley and Jimmy joint forces to put on a low-key concert – dressing up in disguises that made them look like any old street performers. Now that Miley's hair is blonde IRL, her Hannah wig wouldn't have cut it. Instead, she rocked a straight, black faux 'do – complete with a cowboy hat and some funky shades. Jimmy's costume? He gave us total Billy Ray vibes, tbh.

miley and fallon disguises

As soon as the celebs started singing, it became clear that their costumes were so not doing the trick. Basically, no one was buying it. A huge crowd began to form around the stars – so after jamming out to her fan-fave cover of "Jolene" by her Godmother and Grammy Hall of Famer Dolly Parton, Miley ripped off her wig Hannah-style to reveal her true identity.

miley taking off wig

Looks familiar, wouldn't you say?

hannah montana
Disney Channel

Once all the underground commuters figured out what was going on, a full-blown jam sesh took place. The duo rocked out to Miley's hit single circa 2009, and everyone went wild. Yep, we're talkin' "Party in the USA."

OK, so maybe Miley didn't get away with going undercover – but this was so legendary.

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