It's no secret that Billy Ray Cyrus is super proud of his daughter Miley Cyrus. The pair has been working together for years specifically on the Disney Channel hit show, Hannah Montana. Not only has Billy Ray been involved in Miley's professional life forever but also her personal life as well. He's commented on her relationship with Liam Hemsworth numerous times and we can't help but wonder if she was totally keen on him doing so.

Back in March, Billy Ray released a photo of Miley in a white dress and captioned the shot, "I'm so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus." Okay, obviously, everyone thought it was a photo from her wedding. She was in a white dress, she was smiling, she was happy, she has a serious boyfriend…Come ON, Billy Ray – you know better than that.

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Well, it seems like he still hasn't learned his lesson about keeping things on the down-low. Billy Ray has once again acted like all of our dads' oversharing details about Miley's love life because he's just so happy for her. There's just one problem, Miley isn't like all of us. She's incredibly famous and anything her dad shares WILL make headlines because it's coming from HER DAD so it has to be real.

Billy Ray chatted with Entertainment Tonight at the 2017 CMT Awards and talked about Miley coming back home to Tennennesse recently. He said, "It's a lot of fun. It's fun when I see Miley [Cyrus] coming at me on a Four Wheeler and that infectious laugh of hers. She's just really loving middle Tennessee. She actually said to me, 'God Dad, I remember why I loved it so much here.'"

He continued, "Liam's been here quite a bit. They both love the outdoors. They love Four Wheeling and the people. Both of them, Liam especially — you know he's from Australia — he's like, 'Man, the people here are so nice, and it's true."

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And the greatest part of it all, Billy Ray was asked if he could see the couple moving from Malibu back to Tennessee. He said, "I kind of feel like they already have. They're in the yard, so they feel pretty relocated, and it's great. I just love seeing her so happy."

No. Freaking. Way. Miley and Liam settling down in Tennessee?! We can't get over it.

It's so sweet how much Billy Ray loves being with Miley and loves seeing her in a good place – like any dad would. Not only that but he can't help but gush about a relationship that has built up over time and is finally flourishing for Miley.

We're not totally convinced Miley and Liam will make the move back to the east coast though, as much as Billy Ray would love it. Malibu seems to be the place they settle down but hey, who knows. Miley and Liam are always surprising us and Billy Ray is always spilling it for us!

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