The days of seeing more new adventures in Riley and Maya’s life in Girl Meets World might be over, but Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter‘s bond is clearly forever. Just recently, the two stars both did ads for the Converse Style Instagram as a part of the brand’s Forever Chuck campaign.

“When we were doing Girl, we grew up and discovered [our] style together,” Rowan said in an interview. “We would plan out our outfits for the next day on set and were definitely very into each other’s style. You want to look cool, and you are really inspired by what your friends are wearing. Sabrina and I were each other’s references for that.”

Sabrina admits that although they might not see each other as often as they used to while filming their (as fans would argue, short-lived) Disney Channel series, this campaign proved that life brought them back into each other’s lives in a cool way.

“We’ve almost traveled different paths since the show ended, but to meet up in a place that we both can relate to and identify with is cool,” Sabrina said. “I was just looking at Rowan’s pictures that came out and she looks amazing. I love that we both can relate and identify with this brand and everything that it stands for.”

Oh and let’s never forget when this whole thing all went down on Instagram. It started when Row posted a stunning new photo of herself laying on some flowers in a gorgeous blue dress. She really did look amazing and Sabs took it upon herself to not only double-tap on the shot, but to leave some love in the comments section.

rowan blanchard instagram

Sabrina just had to leave the good old heart-eyes emoji and Rowan admitted she’s blushing because of it. Can these two get even cuter?! Well the answer is yes. Row posted another fabulously stunning shot of herself casually posing outside of a trailer dressed in a sparkly crop top and matching pants, looking as chic as ever. She was at the Cinespia Cemetery Screening of the classic movie Selena, so of course she had to pay tribute to the legendary singer by wearing something that looks like it’s an outfit straight from the movie.

Sabs took notice of Rowan’s outfit and once again left her a message, this time letting Rowan know she’s “hot.”

sabrina rowan instagram comment

These two are literally giving us all major BFF vibes. It’s not the first time they’ve publicly declared their BFF love for each other. Sabrina turned 18 years old back in May and Row took to Twitter to share an adorable photo of the girls on set together, letting the world know just how highly she thinks about her “sister.”

Major feels forever and always. So we might to get to see these two on-screen together anymore but IRL, they’re still taking on the world together, just like Riley and Maya are off in fictional TV land. And there’s also Netflix which has every episode of GMW for us to re-watch so the real comfort in this bittersweet moment.

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