Sabrina Carpenter rose to fame playing Maya Hart, the wise-cracking, rough around the edges yet has a heart of gold best friend to Riley Matthews on the beloved series, Girl Meets World. Since then, she has transformed into a total pop star and while GMW might be over for good, the cast has made it clear their real-life friendships will never falter. Seriously, they still hang out all the time and it will always and forever keep slaying our hearts.

But now that Sabs has moved on to the next phase in her career, touring the world, and most likely gearing up for more movie and television roles which she has hinted about in the past, what does share really think about her time on the Disney Channel show? Well, she let out her true feelings and it turns out, Maya is forever part of her life story and she is #grateful for it all.

“I landed the role [of Maya] after a series of auditions. Playing that character will always be one of my favorite accomplishments in life. She had so much depth and so many layers that I was constantly learning new things about her, it was never boring,” she said in a recent interview with 1883 Magazine.

So not only is her proud of bringing this extraordinary character to life, but it will always be extra special to her, since it was such a huge accomplishment in her career. Is that not the cutest?!

maya hart gmw

She literally grew up on the series, since she was so young when it all started and now at 18 years old and with that chapter over, she can look back on it all with good memories, something she explained during an interview with The Zach Sang Show back when she had recently found out the series had been canceled after three seasons.

“[When I found out I was cast] I was 13 and I was on a highway and then I went to In-N-Out Burger. I was so excited I didn’t eat and then once I found out about the show [being canceled], I had In-N-Out Burger — it wasn’t that I was sad — but I was just sort of like I couldn’t really eat. I was thinking about it and reflecting and I couldn’t eat it again,” Sabrina said. “I try to not live in the past too much, but there is such a sweet memory of going through puberty with these people. They’ve seen your best and worst days and you’ve learned so much from these people. I was there five days a week, from morning until night and you really get to know those people as family.”

Maya always wanted a true family and it looks like Sabrina got just that herself. Brb crying over it all forever.

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