If you don’t already know Charlie Puth‘s younger brother, then let us introduce you to your new music obsession. Stephen Puth is just as swoon-worthy, just as talented, and his sound might even be familiar to you — because he has worked with some of your favorite artists! We caught up with the 24-year-old singer-songwriter here at J-14, and he spilled all about the cool musicians he’s written for — like Daniel Skye and The Vamps!

“I have songs that I’ve written with The Vamps, but it’s not out yet,” the “Sexual Vibe” singer told us. Now, that’s something we can’t wait to hear!

“I wrote a song with Danielle Skye called ‘I Want You,'” he added. HOLD UP – we love that song!

“I spend probably a year and a half writing and producing for other artists. And it’s a hard aspect of the business, to be honest, because just ’cause you write with them doesn’t mean it’s going to come out. But you get to learn about that person or people, and when you go and write with them again, you’ll get closer in connection and start talking. The whole goal is that you become friends, and therefore you express yourself more.”

So what’s the biggest difference between songwriting for other artists and performing his own music? For Stephen, he says “there is definitely a larger sense of pressure.”

“In terms of actually making the music, it’s not terribly different in the sense that you’ll sing your own demos when you pitch them to other artists sometimes, but it’s actually the performance aspect, where it’s just knowing you’ll have to perform. Now, it’s a part of your identity. You have to stick behind it,” he said.

Whether he’s performing solo or working with other artists, it’s safe to say he’s totally killing it!

Additional reporting by Ally Meyerowitz.

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