We have to admit, we’ve been pretty bummed since One Direction announced their break back in 2015. We still see plenty of our favorite boys — Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan aren’t exactly laying low — but it’s just not the same.

Sure, we love listening to each guy’s individual music, but it’s still just a little strange to hear them singing by themselves — and we get the feeling that Niall is feeling a little strange about it, too.

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“I spent a long time in a band with other people,” he told the UK’s The Mirror a couple of months ago. “It was obviously going to be a bit weird… The weirdest thing I found was singing the whole song.”

Now that he’s been flying solo for a few months, though, Niall’s probably gotten used to it… but if he’s still missing that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with being part of a band, we’ve got some ideas for him.

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From bands Niall’s already worked with to singers who share a similar sound, we know a few musical artists would be the perfect fit. So Niall, if you’ve decided that the solo life isn’t for you after all, just check out this slideshow and take your pick. Who could say no to that face and musical talent?!

Check out all the bands that Niall Horan would be the perfect addition to in the gallery below.

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