The holidays are getting closer and closer which means celebrity couples are packing on the PDA in search for some Christmastime love. AND Disney Channel star Angeline Appel and her boyfriend Noah Centineo are getting in on the action!

These two have been dating for awhile and aren't afraid to show the world just how much they love each other. Their most recent kiss on social media is super steamy! Not only that but Noah also revealed on Twitter that if they were to ever break up, it is going to be because Angeline ended things – not him!

He posted this photo on Instagram without a caption because really, it speaks for itself!

Wowza! If there was any question about the love these two had for each other, this picture confirms that there is A LOT of chemistry and connection between them. So what did Noah say exactly about a potential break up?

He tweeted:

noah twitter

LOL! Jokes aside, Noah just made a verbal commitment to stay with Angeline forever. Of course, this is no marriage proposal and life sometimes gets in the way of love, BUT it shows how much he wants to be with her and no one else! It's super sweet and just maybe they'll make it down the aisle one day.

If that Instagram picture is any indication, all signs point to YES!

What do you think of their relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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