Keegan Allen and Shay Mitchell may be far from romantically involved on Pretty Little Liars, but fans who think the two close friends belong together have reason to get their hopes up — they've discussed marriage! When talking to him about Coca-Cola's season five finale teaser, he EXCLUSIVELY told us that the two of them have jokingly agreed to a marriage pact.

"If Shay said yes, I'm going to go with Shay [if I'm not married in 10 years]. Because me and Shay have pact where, if we're both not married by the time we're like 35 or so, then we would just marry each other. Because we're into the same stuff and travel a lot. And she's a good-looking girl. She's very much into the same things that I'm into," he told us.


"We kind of talked about this jokingly, but now I'm starting to get closer that to age where we're getting a little nervous…I think Shay's more nervous than I am! I would just marry her. I think that Shay would have to put a little more thought into it."

Even though it definitely sounds like they're just really good friends (for now), maybe we can expect to hear wedding bells in a decade or so? We'd ship it!

Click through to see their most adorable photos together, and let us know if you think they'll ever actually get married in the comments. Would they make a cute couple?

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