BTS members aren’t afraid of a little ink! Take Jung Kook, for example — the “Left and Right” singer has two full sleeves of ink and has mentioned to fans that if he wasn’t a singer, he’d be a tattoo artist! Another BTS member you might be wondering about, though, is Park Jimin. So, does Jimin have tattoos or are the ones we’ve seen fake? Keep reading to find out!

Does BTS’ Jimin Have Tattoos?

Jimin was first spotted with a large tattoo on his torso which spelled “Nevermind” during a BTS and BLOCK B performance at the 2014 MAMA Awards. He has since been spotted with it numerous times, leading fans to believe that the large tat, is in fact, real!

Along with “Nevermind,” the singer-dancer has gotten a few other tattoos — however, he keeps his ink pretty private. While other BTS members have recently started to post photos of their body art, Jimin doesn’t speak much on his. Fans have had to uncover his tattoos through small glimpses during performances, livestreams and YouTube videos.

So far, fans have theorized that Jimin has at least six tattoos, but it could be more.

What Tattoos Does Jimin Have?

Jimin has a “7” on his finger which he revealed on Twitter in June 2022. “You all probably know already but its a friendship tattoo I got,” he captioned the photo of the tattoo, which represents the 7 members of BTS. “I wanted to show you while I’m holding the mic [on M Countdown] but because my hands are too small it turned out that it wasn’t visible when I held the mic hehehe. With a disappointed heart, I’m at least posting a picture of it.”

That’s not the only number tattoo Jimin has on him, either! The K-pop artist was spotted with a “13” tattoo on his wrist during BTS’ annual VLIVE comeback special in February 2020. At one point during the livestream, Jimin lifted up his arms and revealed his “13” tat on his wrist. As his birthday is October 13, 1995, we’re assuming it has to do with his birth date!

The South Korean star also has elbow tattoos that read as “Young” and “Forever,” which fans first spotted during a livestream in June 2020. The tattoos appear to be a reference to one of BTS tracks of the same name. They also seem to be in the same lettering as his “Nevermind” tattoo!

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