Descendants 2 stars Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty are a match made in Disney Channel heaven. While it's unclear when exactly they started falling for each other, Dove is finally opening up about a certain occasion when she knew it was possible to love Thomas in more than just a professional way. To be honest, the whole thing might surprise you. Thomas is much more emotional than he may let on and we're totally about it!

Dove did a few different interviews for RAW where she played a word association game, answered some questions and did a 'Whisper Challenge.' But, what fans will be the most interested in is the one time she and Thomas had a staring contest. Yes, a good old fashioned staring contest. No blinking, just staring into the soul of the person sitting across from you for as long as you can. Oddly enough, this was the trigger in Dove and Thomas' romantic relationship!

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Dove said, "Me and Tommy had a staring contest for like 10 minutes and that was the first time we were like 'Oh my god I could fall for you.'" She went on to say nobody won the staring the contest, "We both ended up crying." NO. FREAKING. WAY.

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This is pretty much the most adorable thing we've ever heard. It's so nice to see that before anything, their souls were connected. To be honest, I've never had a staring contest end in tears but I feel like when it does, something magical is going on there. Dove laughed it off after revealing that tears streamed down both of their faces at the end of the game but we think it's pretty damn cool. Not only is Thomas a softie at heart, but the feelings between them were always mutual. The duo just had to find out in one of the weirdest ways ever but hey, whatever works!

During Dove's RAW talks she mentioned Thomas in more ways than just this one. While playing the word association game she thought of him when the words 'love', 'sexy' and 'ugly' came up which is literally hilarious. She thinks Thomas looks hot with or without facial hair – can't blame her on that one. And she said 'Thomas Doherty is BAE' out loud which is what we've been waiting to hear roll of her tongue since their first selfie together.

Dove and Thomas 4ever <3

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