Drake Bell was arrested last night in Glendale, California on drunk driving charges. Drake was reportedly driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone when cops pulled him over.

When the cops came up to his car they noticed a smell of alcohol, and they took him under custody, locking him up for 10 hours. Drake was able to make his $20k bail payment, and at that point headed home.


Drinking and driving is a MAJOR NO NO, and Drake should definitely know this, since he dragged Justin Bieber through the mud for his DUI back in 2014. First, Drake posted a video to Twitter of an on-camera host attempting to defend JB, however he couldn't come up with any reason to defend Justin's drinking and driving.

Shortly after posting the video, Drake also urged fans to sign a petition to deport Justin back to Canada.

We can't help but wonder if Justin plans to repay Drake for his "support" during his rough patch with some classy comments of his own aimed at Drake's DUI.

What do you think of Drake's DUI arrest? Let us know in the comments.

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