This is some Jake Paul style sh-t right now. As we all know, the Martinez Twins are no longer part of Team 10, but that is where they got their start. That's where the creative juices began flowing about content – what kind of content people want to see, what content will give you the most views, clicks, and likes and the type of content that will push the limit just far enough so that no one gets offended yet still watches your video all the way to the end. They just created the perfect recipe for a Martinez Twins' fan meltdown. Viewers are totally obsessed with their hair and, I mean, who wouldn't be? The perfectly styled and colored beach blonde locks are beautiful. So, what happens when one of them shaves their head completely bald? Utter chaos.

Emilio posted a photo on Instagram sporting a bald head. And we're not talking a buzz cut or some peach fuzz still hanging out up there. We're talking a full-on, shiny bald noggin that you can quite possibly see your reflection on. Emilio looks completely different in the post and we have to admit, we gasped as soon as it came up on our feed. He captioned the shot, "You guys like my new haircut? ?? new video is up, link in bio."

AH. After the initial shock is over, we knew this had to be fake. It looks totally real, but there's just no way. So, after heading on over to the Martinez Twins' YouTube page, this is what we discovered. Ivan is a really great actor. LOL. He sat in front of the camera for the first couple minutes of the vlog acting super upset as he told the story of what happened earlier on in the day. He said they were playing with fireworks when Emilio's hair caught on fire. He even went so far to say that the doctor told them the best thing to do would be to shave off all of Emilio's hair.

The video skips to Emilio not wanting to show the camera his bald head. But, don't too worried because it was a prank. The boys found a bald cap and with some tape, makeup and a little bit of magic, they made it seem like Emilio really did shave his head bald. Thankfully, he took off the bald cap on camera where fans could take a sigh of relief after seeing his luscious locks tucked ever so tightly underneath. One thing is for sure, they got our attention with this one. On the other side of things, maybe Emilio going bald wouldn't be the worst thing ever – it would be super easy to tell them apart.

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