Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have had a whirlwind romance. These two first got together way back in the spring of 2012 and then got engaged around the holidays in 2013. But, their fairytale ended for a bit when they broke off the engagement in June 2015. The pair got back together in August and then broke up for a second time!

Are you having trouble keeping up yet? Well, now apparently these two are back together again!

The pair was spotted getting bagels and iced coffee in Los Angeles at the end of August. So what's really going down? A source told Us Weekly, "Emma and Evan are definitely back together."

Not only were they seen picking up some breakfast a few weeks ago but also Emma and Evan were getting very cozy this past weekend at FYF Fest. They were reportedly dancing together and getting super close!

An eyewitness said, "They definitely seemed like a couple. They were hugging and she was playfully messing around with him. They definitely showed signs of being together." Aww!

Emma nor Evan have commented on the rumors but shippers are crossing their fingers that this is true. These two have always been super cute together and maybe – just maybe – a third try at their relationship will be exactly what they need to make it last in the long run!

Do you think they are back together? Let us know in the comments below!

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