Ever wonder what your favorite Disney Channel characters would be doing if the show was still on the air? Well, thankfully, the Even Stevens cast recently reunited and revealed what they think Ren, Beans and the rest of the gang would be up to now!

For those who missed it, it’s officially been 20 years since the fan-favorite series first premiered on Disney Channel, and to celebrate, Christy Carlson Romano, Nick SpanoSteven Anthony Lawrence, AJ TrauthTom Virtue, Lauren FrostGeorge Anthony Bell and some major crew members reunited for a virtual reunion that seriously brought on the nostalgia! While they were catching up with each other, the cast dished on their characters and shared what they would be doing in 2020 — and their answers might just surprise you.

Get this, you guys — Steven, who fans will remember as Beans, said that the rambunctious little kid would no longer be obsessed with bacon!

“I think Beans is part of the vegan movement now,” he explained.

As for Ren, Christy and the shows writers are convinced that she might have pursued a singing career. After belting out the classic tune, “We Went To The Moon” back in the day, anything’s possible. But that’s not all! The Stevens family’s eldest brother Donny would be living with Coach Tugnut, according to Nick.

Aside from dreaming up their character’s big futures, the cast also shared some pretty juicy behind-the-scenes secrets about the show’s star Shia LaBeouf. Although he didn’t make it to their Zoom call, the actor still played a part in the discussion. During one part of their two-hour chat, one of the executive producers, David Brookwell, and AJ remembered Shia going up to all the kids at the audition and introducing himself saying, “Hi, I’m Shia and I’m playing Louis Stevens,” before even booking the role!

They also talked about the chili scene, shared their favorite episodes and revealed what the show was almost called!

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