This may come as a shock, but it’s officially been over 20 years since Even Stevens premiered! That’s right, the iconic Disney Channel show aired its first episode on June 17, 2000, but it seriously feels like just yesterday! Can you believe how fast time has flown by?!

As fans know, the series, which ended in June 2003, starred Shia LaBeouf, Christy Carlson Romano, Nick Spano, Tom Virtue, Donna Pescow, A.J. Trauth, Margo Harshman, Fred Meyers, Steven Anthony Lawrence and more. It followed a young boy named Louis Stevens, who tried to balance all the struggles that come with being a teenager, all while doing his best to mess with his overachieving older sister, Ren. It went on for three epic seasons, and when it concluded it was definitely an end of an era!

“I think that working in show business as long as I had … there was nothing but a great sense of community and family on Even Stevens, and we actually all cared about each other,” Nick said when the cast had a virtual reunion in June 2020. Steven added, “Our set really was such a solitude, and a home for so many people, cast and crew. We all took such a huge refuge in coming to work, because it wasn’t work, it was coming to see our family.”

He also joked that his iconic character Beans wouldn’t be obsessed with bacon anymore. “I think Beans is part of the vegan movement now,” he shared at the time. As for Ren, both Christy and the producers joked that she would have pursued a singing career of some sort. As for the eldest Stevens brother, Donny, the stars joked that he would be living with Coach Tugnut.

In August 2021, Christy reflected on the distance that existed between her and her onscreen brother while they worked on the show.

“We were coworkers. We had this really good onscreen chemistry. People assumed we were, in real life, brother and sister,” she said in a video on her YouTube channel.

Although they didn’t keep in touch over the years, the Kim Possible star detailed a bond that they continue to have from their child star days.

“I guarantee if I saw him walking on the street, there would be a bond there that is undeniable,” she noted. “When you grow up with somebody in that particular way … you’re bonded together. You can’t help but want to see the person succeed.”

Now that all the fictional characters are accounted for, what are the actual stars doing now, you ask? What have they been up to over the last 20 years! Well, we decided to investigate, and it turns out, they’ve accomplished so much since the show went off the air! Some of them landed some major roles, while others stepped away to start a family of their own — but either way, they’ve come such a long way.

See what the cast of Even Stevens looks like now.

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