We here at J-14 are all about the old school shows and movies that aired way back when and are still just as awesome today. In case you’re not aware, Even Stevens and Pixel Perfect marked very monumental times in Disney Channel history. After a three-year run, the fan-fave comedy series officially aired its last episode in 2003. And then one year later in 2004, the DCOM Pixel Perfect premiered. Yep, it’s been that long. So what does the series and the DCOM have in common? Well, Twitty from Even Stevens (A.J. Trauth) and Samantha from Pixel Perfect (Leah Pipes) are happily married today. And it just makes our Disney Channel-loving hearts flutter.

aj trauth

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Now let’s talk Alan Twitty for a moment because his character was loved by many. Oh, where do we start? As the partner-in-crime of Shia LaBeouf‘s character Louis Stevens, Twitty was basically a legend – to say the very least. He was Louis’ right hand man in all of their antics and often times had to get his buddy out of sticky situations. Not to mention, he was also pretty smooth with the ladies – you know, with his tastefully shaggy hair and frequent use of the word ~dude~ and all. The guitar-playing athlete was pretty hard not to love, tbh.


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So where is Twitty now? A.J. has had a lot of success since his Disney Channel days. In fact, he is still very much in the Disney circle in both his professional and personal life. He also recently starred alongside Good Luck Charlie actress Leigh-Allyn Baker in the movie Camp Cool Kids. And in addition to lending his voice to Kim Possible alongside his Even Stevens co-star Christie Carlson Romano, A.J. has also starred in shows like Reba, House and Pepper Dennis over the years.

Leah’s character Samantha in Pixel Perfect was a total rockstar – but she got outshined the whole time by this holographic girl named Loretta. To make matters worse – Samantha’s friend Roscoe (who she had a total crush on) rejects her because he’s totally into Loretta. But don’t worry, justice is served because the hologram chick ends up disappearing because, well, she was fake. As for Leah – you might best recognize her from the TV show Life Is Wild, the film Sorority Row and The CW’s The Originals

“In honor of our series finale…Here’s some actual footage of Camille in Heaven… ?? #TheOriginals #TBT,” she recently shared on Instagram alongside the cutest video of her dancing with bae.

So there you have it. Years later, and Twitty and Samantha’s cool-factors have only increased with age. Who doesn’t love being hit with a little nostalgia, right?

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