We bet you didn’t know that one of your favorite Nickelodeon stars was also secretly an amazing singer, right? It turns out, Every Witch Way star Nick Merico just auditioned for American Idol, and boy, did he slay.

The actor, who we all know and love as Daniel on the hilarious show, sang a gorgeous ballad rendition of Amy Winehouse‘s classic, “Back To Black.” And not only did his voice sound absolutely amazing, but the 23-year-old hunk also played the piano during the audition. It was truly beautiful. And the judges were just as blown away as we were!

“That last note… he’s coming for your job now,” Katy Perry joked to fellow judge Luke Bryan.

“Good Lord,” Luke, 42, gushed while Lionel Richie added, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Yep, Lionel was definitely impressed!

“That was about as close to crooning as I’ve ever seen. You had that dreamy eye’d look, and then you opened your mouth,” the 69-year-old “All Night Long” singer continued. “Your sound is amazing. If it all goes well, my friend, you could be famous.”

But Katy had some important advice for the Nickelodeon star.

“Nick, there are some people that can sing better than you, but may be missing other pieces of the puzzle,” the 34-year-old added. “But you want to be here because you’re talented. And you’re a real artist, right? So make sure to focus on that.”

All three judges gave the actor a yes, and we couldn’t be more excited for him! The “California Girls” singer even admitted she may be crushing on him a little bit.

“Nick you know you’re a handsome gentleman correct?” she joked. “You’ve heard it once or twice, right? Do you have a girlfriend?”

But lucky for us, Nick revealed that he’s single! But sorry ladies, he explained that’s because he’s “focused on my life right now, my career.”

We can’t wait to see how far he goes in the competition. Rooting for you, Nick!

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