This may be hard to believe, but Nick Merico is turning 24 years old on Sunday, December 29. The actor was 18 when he was introduced to the world as Daniel Miller in the fan favorite Nickelodeon series Every Witch Way, which means it’s been five years since viewers were introduced to Iridium High.

For those who forgot, the show tells the story of normal teenager Emma whose life gets turned upside-down after finding out that she’s actually a witch. Other than Nick, the series also starred Paola Andino, Paris Smith, Daniela Nieves, Tyler Alvarez, Rahart Adams, Elizabeth Elias, Denisea Wilson and Zoey Burger.

What has the cast been up to since the show aired its final episode in 2015? Well, J-14 did some investigating and turns out they’ve all stayed in the spotlight, went on to have super successful acting careers and have grown up so much!

Scroll through the gallery to see what the cast of Every Witch Way is up to now.

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