This may be hard to believe, but it’s been over five years since the fan-favorite Nickelodeon show Every Witch Way came to an end, and time has seriously flown by. Yep, on July 30, 2015, fans said their goodbye to Iridium High, and it seriously seems like just yesterday!

For those who forgot, the show tells the story of normal teenager Emma whose life gets turned upside-down after finding out that she’s actually a witch. The series starred Paola Andino, Paris Smith, Daniela Nieves, Nick Merico, Tyler Alvarez, Rahart Adams, Elizabeth Elias, Denisea Wilson and Zoey Burger.

Paola chatted with Just Jared Jr. in August 2014 about her working alongside her costars, and had nothing but amazing things to say! “After working with the same people for two seasons, my costars are definitely my second family,” she said at the time. “We spend so much time together and are so comfortable around each other. I think that’s the best thing about working with them. We can all be ourselves.”

The actress also touched on the similarities and differences between her and her character. “Emma and I have a lot in common. She’s honest, innocent, and always wants to fix problems when they come up, like me,” Paola said of Emma at the time. “The main difference between Emma and I is the way she handles all of the power she has. She’s the Chosen One which means she’s the most powerful witch in her generation but she lets people distract her sometimes. I wouldn’t have time for boys or mean girls if I were a witch.”

What has Paola and the rest of the cast been up to since the show aired its final episode in 2015? Well, Daniela, for one, is set to star as Lissa Dragomir in the upcoming Vampire Academy series on Peacock!

“Been keeping this for almost 2 months, and I’m so happy its finally out !! A vampire!!!” the actress wrote on Instagram alongside the show’s announcement in August 2021. “Pinch me. … I know you guys will love this story and Lissa as much as I do … hope you guys like the lil clues too.”

These two talented ladies aren’t the only ones still killing it! J-14 did some investigating and turns out they’ve all stayed in the spotlight, went on to have super successful acting careers and have grown up so much! Scroll through the gallery to see what the cast of Every Witch Way is up to now.

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