High School Musical will forever go down in Disney Channel history as one of the best DCOMs ever. Yes, that’s a bold statement to make, but you know it’s true. Those song and dance numbers, the star-crossed lovers storyline, the magic that is Zac Efron. And let us not forget the super relatable story Troy had with his dad, who just so happened to be his basketball coach too. Troy wanted to make his dad happy by playing basketball but deep down, he wanted to sing. The relationship between Troy and Coach Bolton was always one everyone who watched couldn’t help but love, since it was all just so real, and Bart Johnson, the actor who played Coach, has always been a loyal HSM fan himself.

Just recently, some lucky fans spotted the actor while he was out on a run and of course they naturally freaked out. But the real magical moment was when he came over to say hi and recited a classic line from the beloved movies.

If Coach Bolton himself ever calls you a Wildcat, you know you’ve truly made it.

coach bolton

A magical moment indeed.

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