Lauren Jauregui is ready to explore! The former Fifth Harmony member just revealed that she’s open to exploring multiple different types of relationships, including polyamory.

The singer-songwriter, 27, opened up about her recent split from Sasha Mallory during an appearance on “Two Dykes and a Mic” podcast — and how it’s affected her thoughts on dating.

“I’m also kind of in this space of exploring polyamory a little bit,” she shared in the podcast episode posted on April 22.

“I don’t really know what it’s gonna end up shaping up to look like,” she continued. “I just know that I’m in a space right now at this point in my life where I’m like, I want to belong to myself primarily, and then I want to leave space for whoever I meet and me to create boundaries between us, whether it’s like, ‘Oh no, we’re just platonic,’ or ‘There’s kind of a little vibe here.'”

Before she fully commits to polyamory, Lauren says she wants to make sure that all parties involved are completely transparent. “Obviously, I’m super communicative, so I would never put someone in that scenario that doesn’t want to be in that scenario,” she emphasized.

“But I just feel very free right now, and I don’t feel like this monogamous, held-down energy is really for me.”

However, Lauren did say that if the “right person” were to come along, she would turn into a “U-Haul-ass b-tch.”

“I’m like, ‘Forget it. Everybody leave. I’m getting married.’ I’m such a Cancer,” she joked.

sasha mallory lauren
Sasha Mallory/Instagram

The former X Factor contestant’s comments come after her split with the So You Think You Can Dance star. Lauren and Sasha first made their relationship Instagram official on Valentines Day in 2023.

Sasha captioned her post: “My first Valentine,” while Lauren shared multiple photos of the two together.

While Lauren hasn’t spilled any details about the cause of their breakup, she did admit that they’re still on good terms.

“We’re really close, actually. She’s one of my best friends,” the musician shared. “It’s very queer of both of us [to remain friends],” Lauren further joked.

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