After finding out about Taylor Swift's epic livestream announcement, we couldn't help speculating on what her big news could be. Now, we finally have the answer — and it definitely lives up to our expectations. Taylor dropped a music video for her new song "Shake It Off" and announced her upcoming album.

"Shake It Off" isn't your typical Taylor song. She says it was inspired by '80s pop music, and is the complete opposite of a love song. It's about how people can make up rumors and you need to…shake them off. The track is super upbeat, catchy, and totally danceable! The music vid features lots of different dance styles too: cheerleading, hip-hop, ballet, and more.

Taylor also dropped her title and cover art for her fourth album. It's called 1989, referencing the year of her birth, and will be released on October 27th. The cover is an artsy Polaroid pic of Taylor.

taylor swift 1989 cover
Taylor Swift

The deluxe version of the album includes three new songs, some of her personal voice messages that are earlier versions of her songs, and special Polaroid pics. You can pre-order it on her website now.

Are you excited about Taylor's new album? What do you think about her new song? Tell us in the comments!

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