Keaton Stromberg, the 17-year-old cutie from Emblem 3, would make a pretty awesome boyfriend. We know he's super sweet and funny, but how about what he looks for in a girl? For anyone who's looking to reel him in, we found out exactly what qualities he wants!

In an interview with Just Jared, Keaton spilled the details on winning his heart.

"I like a girl who’s very honest and someone I can trust, those are the biggest things probably. It’s hard to find people who aren’t trying to hang out with your for the fame," Keaton said. "I’m just a normal kid and I just want someone who likes me for who I am. That’s pretty difficult, but that comes with the job and I just have to deal with it."

Aww, so sweet! Would you want to date Keaton? Let us know in the comments!

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