Grab a pair of headphones and get ready to get up out of your seat and dance because Wesley Stromberg just dropped a brand new single called “Changes,” and boy, is it a bop! The new tune came out on Wednesday, November 27, and fans cannot stop listening to it!

Get this — the former Emblem3 member just opened up about it exclusively to J-14. He spilled on the inspiration behind the track, his upcoming debut solo album and reuniting with his former bandmates Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick! That’s not all. The 25-year-old singer even confirmed that a reunion tour is in the works, so prepare to freak out.

J-14: Tell us about your new song, “Changes!” What’s it about?

Wesley Stromberg: It’s about when you and your lover grow apart. People change, they go to different schools, meet new friends, become someone else. But the memories you share always hold a special place in your heart.

J-14: Was it inspired by someone or something specific in your real life?

Wesley: It’s inspired by many moments throughout my life, but particularly when my high school sweetheart moved away to go to college, and everything changed.

J-14: Do you ever feel nervous when you release a song that’s so personal to you?

Wesley: I always feel nervous releasing a new song. They’re all so personal to me. I just hope that people connect to it and it brings them joy when they’re feeling down, or calms them down if they’re feeling stressed, or hypes them up for a night out!

J-14: What is your writing process like?

Wesley: I feel the music and sing what I feel. I freestyle lyrics as they come, and then keep what I love.

Wesley Stromberg New Song Changes
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J-14: Tell us about your upcoming album! When does it come out and what is it called?

Wesley: Been working on this album for awhile now! It will come out in 2020, and it will be called Spare Parts for Broken Hearts.

J-14: What can fans expect from it? How would you describe the overall sound?

Wesley: I’ve been really digging into my roots a lot for my first solo album’s material. The overall sound is urban rock, but with some big power vocals and also some experimental new sounds. Fans can expect the unexpected… that just sounds cool. For real though, it’ll be personal, fun, uptempo and down tempo, a bit of everything I have to offer.

J-14: How does it feel to be releasing your first solo album?

Wesley: SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! Really excited. I will feel such a weight has been lifted once it’s out. I feel almost claustrophobic until it’s released.

J-14: We know you’ve also been working with your former Emblem3 bandmates recently, what was it like to reunite with them?

Wesley: So happy to reunite with them. I want to create music with them until we die, love all the music and the fun times we have together. I’m excited to be able to do both the band and solo music.

Wesley Stromberg New Song Changes
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J-14: Could fans ever expect a reunion tour?

Wesley: Absolutely, working on reunion tour for spring and summer 2020.

J-14: What do you miss most about being in a band?

Wesley: Touring together — it’s so much fun to tour with a band and share all the moments and memories.

J-14: Which would you say is harder — Writing as a solo artist or with the guys? How does it differ?

Wesley: It’s harder to write with the guys cause you have to compromise to make sure everyone else is happy. But that’s cool, cause that’s the beauty of collaboration!

J-14: What’s next for you?

Wesley: I’ve written some of the most personal ballads of my life, and stories that I’ve never shared before for this album. My plan for 2020 is to write, record, release, tour, repeat. It’s gonna be the biggest year yet!

Make sure you listen to “Changes” here!

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