They’re back and better than ever! Emblem3 just launched their epic comeback with the “warm, spirited, summery” single “Champagne Dreams” and are gearing up to hit the road on the Eyes Wide Open Tour.

After a minor break from making music together, Drew Chadwick, Wesley and Keaton Stromberg have found their stride as a group again, years after making their debut on The X Factor in 2012.

“There was definitely a rough patch in there for all of us. Just, you know, going through the industry and finding out who we are as people individually, and going through the craziness of being on a TV show and all that stuff,” Keaton tells J-14 exclusively. “I feel like our relationship has grown a lot. When we came together to write music, it just kind of happened naturally and felt good.”

Emblem3 Says Knowing Their 'Story Wasn't Done' Led to an Epic Comeback

According to Drew, “so much happened” while the trio was apart that the process of coming back together and “rekindling a relationship” was “delicate.” He adds, “Then, you rediscover the power of your friendship and the legacy and the vision, and it ends up being stronger and better.”

Whether they were making music or not, the Emblem3 boys have kept an “incredible” fan base who have stuck by them through it all. In fact, their fans were the one who chose “Champagne Dreams” as their latest single!

“Life is really short, and we’re extremely blessed to be in a situation where we even have fans at all. To make music with my brother and a good friend is something that is really special, and it’s hard to beat that,” Keaton tells J-14. Wesley recalls having “dreams” about reuniting. “I couldn’t help but to just reach out,” he shares. “I knew the story wasn’t done. We’ve just grown so much, and we’re so much more aware of each other and each other’s needs and so much more respectful and loving. The whole level of gratitude is a whole other level of gratitude.”

One thing the boys are super grateful for is getting a chance to finally “hug” their fans and perform a lot of tunes when the Eyes Wide Open Tour kicks off in New York on August 19.

“We have a ton of new music, so we’re going to be showcasing a lot of that to the fans that come out to these shows,” Wesley teases. “They’re going to totally get a sneak peek at the new album. So, that’s really exciting! Then, obviously, play all the classics and just have a super nostalgic epic moment together.”

“It’s just about seeing the fans and just getting back out there. It’ll be cool because it’s going to be a more intimate than ever before,” Keaton continues. Drew gushes, “I’m so excited to give everyone a huge hug … It’s been a long time overdue, for sure.”

It’s safe to say, the boys are most definitely back!

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