If you’ve been missing Emblem3’s music, Wesley Stromberg is here to finally put you out of your misery. One of three members of the pop band, Wes is branching out on his own and wants you to come on the journey, too.

Emblem3 came out strong as a contender on the X-Factor, a show which brought us bands like One Direction and Fifth Harmony to name a few. Their hit song “Chloe (You’re The One I Want)" has over 12 million listens on Spotify alone and is still amazing to jam out to. Now, the band is broken up and Wesley Stromberg is dropping his own solo music. Fans have got to be wondering: what happened to Emblem3?

“One of our members, Drew, he kind of let it get to his head,” Wes explains exclusively to J-14. “He lost track of what was important: friends and family and why we started in the beginning. He felt that he was – I don't wanna say better than others but that's really what happened.”

After a break, Wes and his brother, Keaton, released an EP as a duo called Forever Together. Then, Drew came back to the band and they went on tour together. They even released two songs, “Homerun” and “New Day” on their app earlier this year. The boys have decided to not continue as Emblem3 as of right now. But it’s not all bad news!

“Now I am solo and I love it,” Wes gushes. “It's amazing. I get to just write whatever I want and it's all me. I don't have to worry about clash of egos or somebody not showing up with a good attitude. I'm ready to rock and have a good time always.”


His new EP is called Syna and means “the reveal.” For Wes, that’s more than just a pretty word. This EP marks the reveal of a whole new side of the singer that fans have never seen before. Since we all love the classic Emblem3 sound so much, Wes says songs like that will be out in 2018. This time, instead of the “in your face” style of music he produced with Emblem3, the singer thinks Syna shows “a sensitive, introvert, intellectual side.”

With the first single, “If Only,” already out, fans have a glimpse at what that side looks like. “If Only” is a smooth, R&B influenced pop song created with LA-based producer, Alek Fin. Wes describes the sound as akin to The Weeknd’s – one of his favorite artists. Not only is the vibe a little more chill than his older stuff, but it also has lyrics with a deep, personal meaning to Wes.

“‘If Only’ was inspired by a conversation I had with my dad about things he wishes he could change about his relationship with my mother and how that all went down,” the singer confesses. “They split up when I was 6-years-old. He actually said to me 'If only we had money.'”

It makes sense that the first song released from Syna is one that means so much. However, he doesn’t just want it to mean a lot to him. He knows that fans everywhere can relate to this hardship.

“I wanted people to really get to know me a little more and know that everything's not perfect,” he says. “That's alright, you know? We're all in this together.” In the end, it all comes down to two things for Wes: the music and the fans. After five years of Emblem3, he still hasn’t lost sight of what matters.

“Music is a gift for sharing. It's for the collective people. It's for bringing people together. If that's what we're doing and that's what I'm doing, then amen,” he said.

So sweet! It’s no wonder Wesley Stromberg had fans lining up outside the building to see him. We love "If Only," but we’re definitely ready for more of this new side. When’s the rest of the EP coming out?

“Get ready for "If Only's" music video and then the next couple of songs and singles within the EP,” he told J-14. He also added that the music video should be here in the next couple of weeks, the next single in October, and the rest of the EP in November! Everyone start marking your calendars.

Wes even spilled a little bit about what the music video will look like. The singer collaborated with AwesomenessTV. You know, the people behind hits like Expelled, starring Cameron Dallas and Teala Dunn? The result is “very cinematic. They’re like mini-movies,” Wes says. There isn’t that much of him singing to the camera like in a traditional music video. He spends most of the video showing off his acting chops! So, we really are seeing a whole new side of Wesley Stromberg.

Old and new Emblem3 fans will be glad to know that one of their favorite singers is releasing brand new music that they really care about. It may not be “3000 Miles” – another Emblem3 favorite – but it’s a whole new era of Wes that we can’t wait to see.

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