J-14 recently had the chance to sit down and chat with Wesley Stromberg about everything from his upcoming solo project, as well as the fate of Emblem3.

Wes informed us that he's working on new music, as well as a solo tour, and with all of the amazing things going on, we just had to ask him what that meant for Emblem3.

"Emblem3 will always be a band…we started when we were 12-years-old in the garage and it blossomed into something incredible. With three different artists all having their own opinion and taste in music, we are individuals ourselves," he EXCLUSIVELY told us.

"We'll always be a band and we'll always have music and write music together, but it's time for a new chapter."

Aw! It sounds like the guys will all still be working together, but we are so excited for Wesley's new music.

Check out our exclusive video below to find out more about Wes' solo project, tour, and much more.

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