It’s here, you guys! Yep, former Emblem3 member Wesley Stromberg and Jordyn Jones‘ brand new song together, called “Intimate,” has finally dropped, and we cannot stop listening to it! Yep, the collab came out on Friday, August 28, and in honor of its release, we had the chance to chat with the two stars about it. They spilled on what it was like to work together, what inspired the track and so much more.

J-14: Tell us about “Intimate,” what is it about?

Wesley Stromberg: “Intimate” is about wanting to spend time alone with the one you love: “Don’t need no fast cars or fancy bars, I like it better just me and you.” I feel like with everything going on in the world, places being closed, people being asked to stay home, the message is especially timely, even though I actually wrote it way before the pandemic. Let’s keep it intimate.

Jordyn Jones: In my opinion “Intimate” is the perfect song for 2020. With everything going on i’m so thankful to have my boyfriend Jordan [Beau] and be able to spend quality time together. We’ve been staying home and truly enjoying each other’s company!

J-14: Was the song inspired by anything or anyone in your real life?

Wesley: Yes, the song was inspired by my relationship with my girlfriend, Amber Frank, and spending time together, just the two of us! While we like going out to parties, we love even more being home alone just us together! Whenever we do go out, we always end up just wanting to go home and be together anyway.

Jordyn: Wesley actually wrote the song and he reached out to me after he wrote it! I was so in love with it!

jordyn jones wesley stromberg exclusive
Stevie Dore

J-14: How did this collab come about? How did you guys initially start working together?

Wesley: Man, it’s been a long time coming. Jordyn and I met in 2015 at Digifest and have been saying “let’s do a song” since then. Never happened. We had run into each other several times over the years and always said “let’s do a song,” until finally I wrote this one and thought Jordyn would be the perfect fit! I sent it to her and she immediately wrote back saying yes, and it all quickly fell into place from there!

Jordyn: How this whole thing happened was pretty funny. Wes and I have tried working together for years but it never happened! Now five years later after our first talk about wanting to do a song it actually happened! I remember I was in Michigan during quarantine in April and he sent it to me and was like if you’re down to lay down vocals, let’s release ASAP! Super excited to work with him.

J-14: Did you write the song together or did one of you write it and then ask the other to be involved? What was the writing process like?

Wesley: I originally wrote it, but was looking for a female vocal counterpart, and Jordyn’s vocal tone was perfect for it. It couldn’t have matched the vibe better!

J-14: What was it like working together?

Wesley: Super chill, love Jordyn. She’s the best!

Jordyn: Working with Wes was super chill and fun. I’m glad we got to record together and film a music video. We vibe really easily and we both had a lot of fun!

jordyn jones wesley stromberg exclusive
Stevie Dore

J-14: What’s next for each of you?

Wesley: We’re dropping a music video as well as an acoustic video of the song. Then next month, I’ve got singles ahead of my debut solo album release, along with a virtual show. After that, it’s Grammys 2021! Let’s go!

Jordyn: A lot more music! Stay tuned on my Instagram for more details! I’ve just been getting in the studio after not being in LA for three months! Just getting back to work.

J-14: Any more new music in the works that you can tease?

Wesley: My debut solo album, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts, is dropping before the end of the year! I can’t wait for you to hear it. I also have a ton of new music coming out with my band Emblem3. Keep up with me on Instagram for the latest!

Make sure to listen to “Intimate” here!

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