Drop everything because Emblem3 is back! Yep, Wesley Stromberg just confirmed that he and his former bandmates, Drew Chadwick and Keaton Stromberg, are working on some new tunes together, and we’re seriously freaking out.

“I’ve got a lot of top secret stuff going on that I can’t share too much about, but it involves my old band, that’s all I can say,” Wesley told Celeb Secrets at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 22. “There’s some stuff in the works. A new mix is coming. We’re writing and there’s stuff in the works.”

As for the style of the new songs, he told the outlet, “We always sound kind of the same no matter what. It’s inspired by today. It’s kind of like a 90s kid trapped in a 2020 world.”

This is the best news ever! As fans know, the band gained popularity after appearing on The X Factor in 2012, where they came in fourth place. After that, they went on to release four albums, open for Selena Gomez on her Stars Dance Tour and embark on a world tour of their own. But in June 2014, they announced that Drew would be leaving the band to pursue a solo career. Wesley and Keaton, who are brothers, continued making music together until June 2015, when they announced that they’d be taking an indefinite hiatus.

But in February 2016, the band shocked fans when they reunited and dropped a new song together, called “Now.” After that, they continued to work on their solo careers, while releasing a few tunes together every once in a while. In early 2017, they dropped two new songs together, but since then, they’ve been busy doing their own things. Keaton even joined a new band called The Social!

In September 2017, Wesley explained exclusively to J-14 why the band decided to go their separate ways.

“One of our members, Drew, he kind of let it get to his head,” the musician told us. “He lost track of what was important: friends and family and why we started in the beginning. He felt that he was — I don’t wanna say better than others but that’s really what happened.”

Emblem3 Reunion

“Now I am solo and I love it,” he continued. “It’s amazing. I get to just write whatever I want and it’s all me. I don’t have to worry about clash of egos or somebody not showing up with a good attitude. I’m ready to rock and have a good time always.”

Drew also opened up about his decision to leave the band.

“I felt very secure in Emblem3— and I felt like, you know, this would work out, but at the same time I had this ambition of the heart to express on a much deeper level than just like, ‘Hey look at me. I’m hot dancing around on stage.’ I’m not trying to diss on that. That works. But for me it didn’t work,” he exclusively told us. “A meaningful life is not being rich or popular or highly educated or perfect, it’s about being humble and real and true to yourself and true to your heart and if you can touch the lives of other people and influence them in a positive way. I just want die happy and know that I stayed true to the intelligence of my heart.”

But on September 16, the guys practically sent the internet into a frenzy when they reunited at one of Drew’s concerts.

“My f–king brothers,” the singer wrote on Instagram, alongside a snap of the three of them together. “Was dope to catch up the other night. Been around the world with these dudes. Sooo much history.”

Emblem3 Reunion

We cannot wait to hear the new music they’re working on!

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