More Emblem3 music is coming! Drew Chadwick, Wesley and Keaton Stromberg have released their latest single, “So Proud,” months after making an official comeback with the track “Champagne Dreams” this past July.

“It’s one of those like golden nuggets that we held onto for a year or so,” Wes exclusively tells J-14 of the new song. “And then we’re like, ‘Wait a second, remember that one random night … and we made that one chorus. Let’s pull that up.’ And then we took it from there, here at the studio.”

Drew further explains that the “So Proud” chorus actually came from “a totally different song.”

“We pulled up the microphone and I just screamed the chorus out one time,” he recalls. “Then, [the producers] built this really trap trappy beat around it. The, from there, we always knew that the chorus was really special and powerful, and then, we just kind of designed the song around that.”

As fans know, the trio rose to fame after competing on The X Factor in 2012. They almost didn’t audition for the competition series, but thankfully, Emblem3 decided to take the stage.

“My mom was, like, pushing us to do it. My dad was pushing us to do it. We were recording a lot of covers and putting them online. We were playing a lot of shows at the time, and we started to get a local buzz and, kind of, picking up momentum. The songs were coming across really, really well,” Wesley shares. “The audience was reacting so well to them that I just had this crazy amount of confidence. If we just had the eyes and the ears of everybody at one point focused on us that we would win, not necessarily win the show, but we would win in life. We would win over so many people and just, it would change our lives drastically, and I just believed it.”

Now, they’re coming off their summer Eyes Wide Open tour — which allowed them to interact with fans — and gearing up for a new era.

“Life is really short, and we’re extremely blessed to be in a situation where we even have fans at all,” Keaton exclusively told J-14  in a July 2021 interview. “To make music with my brother and a good friend is something that is really special, and it’s hard to beat that.”

Emblem3’s new single “So Proud” is out now!

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