There’s trouble in paradise for the former members of Emblem3. The guys got into a heated exchange on Twitter, sending fans into a total frenzy. It all started when Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick got into a war of words over why the band broke up, which you can see in the video below.

Yikes! It’s a shame to see these guys who were once so close are now butting heads like this. The boys rose to fame on X Factor back in 2013, but things got rocky real quick. By summer of 2014, Drew Chadwick left the group – which naturally, upset fans and left them quite confused. According to Drew, he left to pursue his own vision.

“Once people hear my music and philosophy they will understand everything,” Drew told his fans on Twitter after the split. “This is no goodbye, this is hello.”

Drew exclusively opened up to J-14 about how he came to the decision to part ways with Wes and Keaton.

“I felt very secure in Emblem3 – and I felt like, you know, this would work out, but at the same time I had this ambition of the heart to express on a much deeper level than just like, ‘Hey look at me. I’m hot dancing around on stage.’ I’m not trying to diss on that. That works. But for me it didn’t work,” Drew exclusively told us. “A meaningful life is not being rich or popular or highly educated or perfect, it’s about being humble and real and true to yourself and true to your heart and if you can touch the lives of other people and influence them in a positive way. I just want die happy and know that I stayed true to the intelligence of my heart.”

Post split, the remaining members (brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg) continued on as a duo. But that didn’t last long. Drew came back soon after, but last November, they called it quits once again.

It seems like these guys really can’t seem to agree on the falling out of their band. We can only hope they are able to work things out in the future.

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