After Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce suddenly passed away on July 6, so many celebrities have been posting tributes in honor of the beloved star. Now, Jordyn Jones is opening up exclusively to J-14 about the first time she met Cameron and the impact he made on people. Watch the video above to hear Jordyn share her heartwarming story about Cameron.

“I was in a girl group. It was called Five Little Princesses, and [Cameron] was actually rehearsing in the room next to us. I don’t really know what it was for, but we ended up having like a break at the same time. He was so funny and just chill — and you could just tell who he was as a person in five seconds. I think I’ve met him two or three times, but that time was the very first time, and we were both just in the studio and dancing and singing. We met up, and we took a photo. And he was like, ‘You’re gonna kill it one day.’ I always remember that. It kind of just popped back into my head. But then I was like, ‘You too!'”

He did so many amazing things, and it’s so sad whenever I think about it — you never know. It’s so crazy. Tell people that you love them.”

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