Jordyn Jones is getting all tatted up! We caught up with the 18-year-old singer, dancer, and actress – and she spilled all about her growing collection of permanent ink. Aside from dishing on all the tattoos she has on her body, she also gave us the secret meaning behind all of the designs – and for some, there’s no hidden message at all. Yep, that’s right. For certain ones, she just thinks they look cool.

The star tells J-14, “Tattoos are supposed to have meaning, you know? Well, mine don’t at all – and it’s just like whatever I want. And they’re all never going to get old.”

Her ‘Angel’ tattoo:

Jordyn explains, “I got ‘Angel’ behind my neck because Beyoncé – I looked up to her so much. It says ‘Angel’ with a line through it because mainly because Superfruit came out with this Beyoncé video with all of her songs mashed up, and they were wearing her merch. She has a song called ‘No Angel,’ and there’s a line through [Angel] on her merch. That’s what I got on the back of my neck.”

jordyn jones angel

Instagram, @jordynjones

Her rose tattoo:

“I have a rose because roses are my favorite flowers,” Jordyn said, pointing her her rib cage. “And this spot – my sister and I have that matching. So that means a lot too. My sister and I have the matching rose.”

jordyn jones rose tattoo

Instagram, @jordynjones

Her ‘baby’ tattoo:

“My other one is just a lip tattoo that says ‘baby’ just because I like it,” the star spills.

jordyn jones

Instagram, @jordynjones

So technically this one is only semi-permanent, as lip tattoos tend to fade over time.

Her heart tattoo:

“I have a heart that is just a heart – ’cause I like it,” Jordyn dishes.

jordyn jones tattoo

Instagram, @jordynjones

Will Jordyn be getting more tattoos?

So does Jordyn have any more tattoos in her future? Well, she says that whenever she meets Halsey one day – she will totally get a tattoo in her honor.


Getty Images

“One day, if I ever meet her – I always say I’m going to get ‘I talk of dreams’ on my left arm,” Jordyn spills. “I want her to just make me a tattoo, like write something out and just get that on me.”

Something tells us she’ll be adding more in no time!

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