You guys may not know this, but Shawn Mendes has slowly been adding tattoos all over his body. Over the years, the singer has racked up a collection of more than 10 permanent ink designs, and each one has a super powerful meaning behind it.

Tattoo artist Kane Navasard has been sharing images of the singer’s ink designs on social media over the years. In October 2020, the artist posted a picture of Shawn’s tat and fans were convinced that the words “little sunflower” inked on his ribcage are a tribute to Camila Cabello because they’re her “favorite” flower, as revealed in a Twitter post from 2015. “For his little sunflower. On the man @shawnmendes,” Kane captioned his post.

Shawn also added two more in May 2021, one reading “Good Boy” and other that read “Fe.” At the time, he shared pictures from his tattoo session and Camila commented a series of cat emojis on the Instagram post.

In 2016, the “In My Blood” crooner debuted his first tattoo during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “It’s a guitar … I had this idea for a year before I got the tattoo, but’s kind of like the woods here and it’s reflected on water, a sound wave connecting to the city — being Toronto,” he explained. “Actually, the sound wave is my parents and my sister saying ‘I love you.’ So it’s a connection between home, work, and family … it’s cool.”

He further explained that when diving into the tattoo world, Shawn wanted to make sure that it was “something I’d be happy with forever,” during an interview with Teen Vogue in September 2017.

That’s not the only family-oriented tattoo Shawn has gotten over the years, he even has multiple dedicated to his younger sister, Aaliyah Mendes. He and his mom, Karen Mendes, also have matching elephant tattoos.

“I was trying to convince her to get a tattoo for a while, and this is kind of the only thing she would do because she’s obsessed with elephants,” he told GQ in September 2017. “And they’re pretty cool animals, actually, if you read about them,”

Scroll through our gallery to check out all of Shawn’s tattoos and the inspiration behind them.

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