You guys may not know this, but Shawn Mendes has slowly been adding tattoos all over his body. That’s right. The singer has already racked up a collection of six permanent ink designs, and each one has a super powerful meaning behind it.

Most recently, the “In My Blood” crooner added an intricate butterfly tattoo to his left forearm. And the story behind it is seriously so touching. It turns out, Shawn got the inspiration for the new body art from a fan on Twitter! A super talented supporter photoshopped one of her drawings onto a photo of him, and when it caught Shawn’s eye, he just had to go and get it tattooed onto his body for real! He messaged the fan and asked her to send him a photo of the drawing.

And next thing we knew, it was permanently inked on his body.

Shawn Mendes tattoos 01

Amazing. But what do his other tattoos mean and do those ones have any special stories behind them? We’ve got you guys covered. We went ahead and made you a complete guide to his other ink designs, so that you can keep track of his growing collection.

Scroll through our gallery to check out all of Shawn’s tattoos and the inspiration behind them.

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