The Dolan Twins each have a large collection of tattoos, and Ethan just added another design to the list! Yep, that’s right. The web star took to social media on February 22 to let fans know that he got his very first back tattoo. WE’RE SCREAMING.

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Thanks for getting my back 💉

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Ethan later revealed the crown design, which he has tatted right in the middle of his upper back. “This ones for you dad,” he captioned the photo. The twins’ father, Sean Dolan, sadly passed away in January 2019 due to cancer.

The artist behind the design is none other than Romeo Lacoste, a longtime friend of the boys who is responsible for almost all of their ink. Any Dolan Twins stan knows Ethan and Grayson are no strangers to tattoos. They have gotten so many that it could get a little confusing keeping track of it all — but do not fear. That is precisely why we are coming to you with a complete breakdown of all the Dolan Twins’ tattoos. From matching ink with powerful messages to silly designs they picked out for each other, the twins’ bodies are legit covered in permanent body art (especially their legs)!

Not only have the boys been open about showing off their designs on social media, but they have actually taken to YouTube multiple times to show off each of their tattoos and the meanings behind them. In “What Our Tattoos Mean” and “What Our Tattoos Mean 2,” E and Gray get real about all their designs. However, they’ve added so many more tattoos to their bods since then. So without further ado, let’s get into it! Scroll through our gallery to see Ethan and Grayson’s tattoos and the meanings behind them!

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