When it comes to tattoos, the Dolan Twins — otherwise known as Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan — are no strangers to undergoing the needle. The former YouTube stars have racked up tons of tats between them throughout their time in the spotlight — and even showed off the process in a few videos over the years.

In fact, in October 2019, the pair announced that they were taking a step back from YouTube and commemorated the change with a set of matching tattoos.

“A change needs to be made,” Ethan shared at the time. Grayson added, “To me, life is all about progression — moving onwards, forwards and growing as a person. There really is only one way to progress, and that is to leave the past in the past.”

That’s not the only ink the New Jersey natives have showcased online. Mostly, their leg tattoos have appeared in videos, with the boys even sharing the meaning behind some designs.

On the outside of his right calf, near his ankle, Grayson has the word “matters” with a line drawn through it.

“I got that tattoo because it means nothing matters – not in a negative way. To me, the meaning of ‘nothing matters’ is to not get caught up in the small, stupid things that you stress about in life – that aren’t going to matter in years to come,” the influencer shared in 2017. “I got this tatted on me because I was in a really stressed out frame of mind, and I was like, ‘Ah man, like people are gonna judge me ’cause I make stupid YouTube videos with my stupid brother.’ And all that stuff – but then I realized that it doesn’t f—king matter. It really just doesn’t. Nothing matters because we’re all going to end up in the same spot, which is dead.”

A few of their tats, the brothers have even given to each other throughout their careers. Now, they’re somewhat out of the public eye and, according to social media, are still raising their tattoo count! Scroll through our gallery to see photos of Ethan and Grayson’s tattoos over the years. 

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