If you are a fan of the Dolan Twins, then you know the boys are no strangers to tattoos. They have gotten so many, that it could get a little confusing keeping track of it all – but do not fear. That is precisely why we are coming to you with a complete breakdown of all the Dolan Twins’ tattoos.

Grayson Dolan’s Tattoos

On the outside of Grayson‘s right calf, near his ankle, he has the word “matters” with a line drawn through it – but it is often mistaken on Twitter for “haters.” This was his very first tattoo, and it acts as a reminder for him to not focus on insignificant worries.

“I got that tattoo because it means nothing matters – not in a negative way. To me, the meaning of ‘nothing matters’ is to not get caught up in the small, stupid things that you stress about in life – that aren’t going to matter in years to come,” Grayson revealed. “I got this tatted on me because I was in a really stressed out frame of mind, and I was like, ‘Ah man, like people are gonna judge me ’cause I make stupid YouTube videos with my stupid brother.’ And all that stuff – but then I realized that it doesn’t f—king matter. It really just doesn’t. Nothing matters because we’re all going to end up in the same spot, which is dead.”


grayson dolan tattoo


The second tattoo Grayson ever got was the word “grind” on his lip, but he didn’t show anyone for quite some time. “It’s not really that deep or meaningful or special to me,” he confessed.


grayson dolan lip tattoo


Grayson also has the word “commit” on his foot. “This one right here on my foot is actually a homemade tattoo that my sister gave me,” Grayson explained. “This one’s special to me because I feel like without commitment you can’t really accomplish your goals in life.”


dolan twins tattoos


The wing above Grayson’s ankle matches the one on the infamous earring he always wears. “It’s like an angel thing kind of. I haven’t really told anyone about it, but I’m going to keep that to myself,” he said.


grayson dolan wing tattoo


Gray’s biggest tattoo is the one on his thigh, and it’s inspired by the Kid Cudi album ‘Man on the Moon.’ Grayson spilled, “The message of this album is super meaningful to me, and it helped me get out of that weird, dark time in my life.”

Grayson Dolan Pumpkin Tattoo
YouTube, Dolan Twins

The YouTuber has really grown his collection since that first thigh tattoo. His thighs are filled, and one particular jack-o-lantern inspired tattoo was given to Grayson by his twin.

Grayson’s most oddly placed tattoo? It’s gotta be the one Ethan picked out for him on the bottom of his foot. During their “Where Am I?” challenge on YouTube, Ethan and Grayson put each other up to some crazy dares. Each twin got the chance to blindfold the other and take them wherever they wanted. Each of the cuties had to sign a contract, in which they agreed to let the other one do whatever he wants. So where did Ethan take Gray, you ask? The tattoo parlor. Naturally, Ethan got to pick out the design – so he chose an arrow heart with his name inside.


grayson dolan foot tattoo


Ethan Dolan’s Tattoos

Ethan’s first tattoo ever was the roman numerals of his birthday (and Grayson’s of course). It also has a cross in the middle, which is a tribute to his grandfather’s tattoo.

ethan dolan tattoo


Ethan has a “create” tattoo on his inner lip. Just like Grayson’s lip ink, this one is technically permanent – but tattoos in this spot do tend to fade over time.



Ethan’s thigh is filled with tattoos, one being a memorable video game character from their childhood. Best part? Grayson actually designed the tattoo and physically gave Ethan the ink.

Ethan Dolan video game tattoo
YouTube, Dolan Twins

There are a number of tattoos on Ethan’s foot, and the camera design is a no-brainer – they film videos, duh! As for the tiny lightning bolt underneath it? “It’s like quick, in the moment, powerful. It’s also really intriguing that like electricity comes down from the sky.”

The animal one has a particularly deep meaning to him. “I feel like humans as a species have come up with all these rules, like the way that you have to be, certain things that you gotta do so that you can be socially accepted and all. When at the end of the day, we’re really just animals. We’re just more complex in the brain than a fish, but we’re still animals,” Ethan explained.


ethan dolan foot tattoos


The moon-shaped designs on the back of Ethan’s ankle match his father’s tattoo. “The three crescents going up the back of my achilles – they are a part of my family crest. My dad also has the tattoo on his arm.”


ethan dolan ankle tattoos


Ethan’s magnifying glass tattoo is one he slightly regrets, and that may have to do with the fact that fans think it’s a lollipop. Although it was Grayson’s idea, Ethan is the one with it on his body. The word “now” is seen in the middle of the glass, which symbolizes the idea to only focus on the present. It’s a very great message, but the boys admit that it’s just a little too small.


ethan dolan now tattoo

While there’s no photo of it, Ethan also has a tattoo on his butt. “It was probably my most painful tattoo. It’s of a pineapple. It’s on my right a– cheek,” he revealed in a YouTube video.

The Dolan Twins’ Fake Tattoos

Aside from their ink for life, they have also dabbled in the temporary kind. Grayson once let Ethan pick out tattoos for him in a video, and he ended up with colorful designs all over his face.


grayson dolan tattoos


And then, of course, who could forget when they decided to color on their faces in marker and shared the results with the Twitter universe? Classic Dolan move.


dolans fake tattoo



dolans tattoos


We wonder what’s next!

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