You guys may not know this, but the Dolan Twins have slowly been adding tattoos all over their bodies. That’s right. The YouTubers have already racked up more than 40 ink designs between the two of them, and each one has a super powerful meaning behind it.

And get this, you guys — Ethan Dolan‘ just added another tattoo to his collection. During a YouTube video that the twins uploaded on September 30, Grayson Dolan inked “follow your dreams” on his brother’s butt cheek. Naturally, the boys were screaming at each other, but it actually turned out pretty good!

But what about their other tattoos? What do they look like and do they have any special meaning behind them? J-14 did a major investigation and broke down each and every one of their ink designs down for you. Scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to Ethan and Grayson’s tattoos and the meanings behind them.

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