Ever since the Dolan Twins started uploading YouTube videos and skyrocketed into fame, fans have been seriously obsessed with Ethan and Grayson‘s love life. Despite the fact that they kept their relationship status under wraps throughout their career, the boys have started to open up about their recent romances.

After a short-lived relationship, Ethan, 20, announced that his brother had broken up with his girlfriend in a vlog uploaded on September 15. The internet personality, also 20, first took to Twitter and revealed that “life just came the f–k AROUND” on September 9. Grayson’s twin was quick to respond, and revealed that he went on “one date!”

News of Grayson’s love life came just after Ethan confirmed that he’s a taken man! During a YouTube video uploaded on July 20, the social media star decided to answer some fan questions. And when one person claimed he was in a “committed relationship,” he replied, “Yeah.”

So who his new woman? Well, he was recently photographed cozying up to Kristina Alice, so a lot of people think that she is his girlfriend! Yep, fans spotted them kissing on the beach, and the internet is going wild over the rumored new relationship.

Well, guys, they’re official! Ethan just locked lips with Kristina on camera in a vlog uploaded on October 2.


Previously, fans speculated for quite some time that he was low-key dating fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, after they were got pretty flirty on social media. He was also linked to Meredith Mickelson, and let’s just say it did not end well. As for Grayson, there were rumors circulating the web back in June 2019 that he was dating model Elizabeth Seward.

But wait, who exactly is Ethan’s new girlfriend, Kristina? What else do we know about their relationship? What exactly went down between him and Emma? What about Gray and Elizabeth? Are they still together or is he single at the moment? Who else did the guys date? Don’t worry, J-14‘s got you guys covered.

We went ahead and made a complete guide to the vloggers’ love lives, including their current relationship status and past romances. It turns out, the influencers have been linked to a ton of girls over the years. And although they do their best to keep their relationships private, between cheating allegations and secret romances, they’ve definitely had their fair share of drama. Buckle up because boy, has it been a wild ride!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover everyone the Dolan Twins have ever dated and what went down between them.

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