Well, you guys, it seems like Tana Mongeau wants James Charles and Vlog Squad‘s Jeff Wittek to get together just like the rest of us.

That’s right, y’all! The YouTube star took to Twitter on February 26 to say that she’s going to do anything in her power to get the two internet personalities to date, and NGL, we are SO here for it.

The “Hefner” singer tweeted, “I am going to make james and jeff happen or die trying b–ch call me millionaire matchmaker.” LOL.

Tana Mongeau

As much as we ship the beauty guru with Grayson Dolan, the 19-year-old twin has been adamant about the fact that it’s just not going to happen, so it’s about time James finds someone new. Plus, based on the makeup artist’s recent collaboration with the Vlog Squad, it’s safe to say that James and Jeff have a ton of chemistry.

Throughout much of the YouTube video, the 19-year-old makeup mogul revealed a major crush on the 29-year-old barber, and TBH, the two were playfully flirting back-and-forth the whole time. Jeff even told James that he looks like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, which is pretty much the highest compliment that a person could ever give.

Later on, things really started to heat up between the two. In that one video, James and Jeff checked under each other’s shirts for their microphones (a.k.a. felt each other’s abs), cozied up to one another, planned a date to the Grammys and even talked about doing a full body massage with oils.

We don’t know about you, but we’re totally sensing a love connection in the making, and if anyone can get these two together, it’s probably Tana. How do we know? Well, because she’s pretty much responsible for Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain‘s rumored relationship.

Yep! Before ever meeting the Dolan’s, Emma gushed to Tana about how much she loved them, and suddenly Ethma was real. We know, we’re just as shook as you are. In conclusion, we really need the 20-year-old internet star to work her magic on James and Jeff because this is a potential couple that we truly stan.

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