Hi sisters! We know you’re busy shipping James Charles with Grayson Dolan, but it’s time to hit pause on that. Why? Because the beauty blogger just revealed a huge crush on Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek. Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, ladies and gents! The makeup guru uploaded a new video to his channel on February 19, challenging David Dobrik and his crew to a makeup relay race. All nine of the squad members featured in the video got five minutes each with James, and all they had to do a different part of his beauty routine.

Of course, the relay race didn’t go over all that well, and if we’re being honest, the 19-year-old came out looking like a hot mess. It’s OK, though, because we’re here to discuss something even more important — his massive obsession with the 29-year-old barber.

James Charles & Jeff Witteck

From the very beginning of the nearly 40-minute-long YouTube vid, James made his crush on Jeff very clear. After explaining that each person gets five minutes to do his makeup, he said, “Jeff get as much time as he needs,” later adding, “You’re just so pretty.”

But wait, there’s more. Jeff actually pulled the last number from the hat, which meant he would be the person to complete the Sisters Apparel founder‘s look. Hilariously, James took it as an opportunity to say that his makeup will be “perfectly done for our date after.” LOL.

Clearly, the YouTube star has a major crush on Jeff, and it seems like the feelings might be reciprocated. When the hairdresser entered the room to do James’ makeup, he basically gave him, like, the biggest compliment ever.

“You look like a Victoria’s secret angel,” he said.

“Oh, stop. You’re the hottest,” James responded.

Then, things really heated up. In their short time together, James and Jeff checked under each other’s shirts for their microphones (a.k.a. felt each other’s abs), cozied up to one another, planned a date to the Grammys and even talked about doing a full body massage with oils. Is it just us, or is this a real love connection in the making?

James Charles & Jeff Witteck
Getty Images

Their segment ended with Jeff carrying James out of the room, which is pretty darn romantic if you ask us. Plus, James was sure to slip his hands under Jeff’s shirt again right before the end of the video, just in case anyone was doubting his heart-eyes over the newest addition to the Vlog Squad.

So, what does this mean for James and Grayson? Well, we’re not so sure. But let’s be real: Who says you can’t have more than one crush?

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