Awkward! James Charles was just gifted with the exact same thing Grayson Dolan got him for Christmas. Well, sort of.

ICYMI, the 19-year-old beauty guru was recently featured on Mr. Kate‘s home makeover series, OMG We’re Coming Over. Of course, she totally transformed James’ home, but mainly the living room near his front entranceway, and NGL, we were sister shook when we saw the results.

Not only did the makeup artist get the farm chic home of his dreams, but Mr. Kate also adorned the space with an amazing rug, a cute safety pin accessory for the coffee table and — wait for it — a grand piano courtesy of Morphe Cosmetics.

If you’ve been watching the YouTuber’s videos for a while, you know that a piano is something he’s been wanting for, like, ever. However, his dream of owning a piano actually came true several months ago when his fellow Sister Squad member Grayson got him one for Christmas.

James Charles Grayson Dolan Cutest Moments

When Mr. Kate found out that Grayson got him a piano, let’s just say she freaked out a little. We mean, with all those dating rumors swirling between them, we were too! But most importantly, was the piano going to match what she had planned for James’ home makeover? She certainly hoped so!

“OK, so I have a funny story for you,” she said. “We have been planning this makeover now since before the new year, so we came, we measured… We also started talking behind the scenes with Morphe, and then James texts me around Christmas and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, Grayson got me a piano for Christmas,’ and I was like, ‘That’s really nice, but what? WHAT?’ and I was like, ‘Send me a picture! What kind of piano is it?’ and he sent me a picture and it is a white, upright piano.”

Luckily, the decorator really liked the piano, and decided that since James is extra IRL, he probably needs more than one anyway.

“That was such a sweet, sweet gift,” she said. “I was like, ‘You know what? That would be perfect for your master bedroom,’ because James is extra and he lives in a mansion and he needs a piano for upstairs and downstairs, right? Definitely.”

Long story short, the piano Grayson got James for Christmas now has a home in his master bedroom, while the grand piano from Morphe sits pretty in the front of his house. We guess you really can have it all!

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