The online beauty community is full of drama, and while it provides fans with lots of additional entertainment, we don’t actually want to see our favorite makeup gurus engaging in petty fights. That said, James Charles has had beef with many different celebs, including fellow YouTubers and pop stars. Still, he’s under the impression that he no longer gets into fights — or at least that’s what he said to Buzzfeed.

On January 9, he told the outlet, “I got into a lot of drama when I first started in beauty community. I wasn’t really growing that fast and was also bitter at some other people who were ahead of me at the time.”

He even went as far as to refer to himself as “the queen of staying out of drama.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t explain the more recent beef he’s had with celebrities — and trust us, there’s been a lot of it. Scroll through to gallery to find out who James Charles feuded with throughout his career.

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