From the sound of it, a James Charles and Cardi B collaboration may be in the works! Yep, during his most recent YouTube video, uploaded on Tuesday, September 8, the beauty vlogger teased a possible collaboration with the rapper.

For those who missed it, the 21-year-old DMed a series of celebrities on Instagram and asked them to recommend a product for his makeup routine. When Cardi responded, James explained that he couldn’t play her voice notes because there “may or may not be” a collaboration coming in “a few weeks from now.”

“In a universe where there may or may not be — not confirming or denying anything — a James x Cardi collaboration coming in a few weeks from now. Imagining if I was putting out that collab, if it was to actually happen, I don’t really know, I may or may not have sent Cardi a few look ideas,” the makeup mogul teased. “If we were going to do something, more iconic than that.”

OK, so, it’s safe to say that something is coming, and yes, we’re fully freaking out along with fans.

“CARDI B AND JAMES CHARLES ARE GOING TO BE COLLABING WHAT,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another added, “Tell us more about Cardi B.”

A third showed their excitement with, “SO WE MIGHT GET A JAMESxCARDI B COLLAB .”

But that’s not all! Although they didn’t get a full collaboration like fans wanted, Selena Gomez also made an appearance in James’ video. As it turned out, the two stars are actually neighbors, so the former Disney Channel starlet dropped off some Rare Beauty products for him to try after he DMed her asking for a blush recommendation.

Of course, James used her brand and gave it rave reviews. Hopefully a James x Selena collab can happen in the future, too!

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