They’re back and better than ever! After two years James Charles and Emma Chamberlain officially rekindled their friendship and on September 1, 2020 posted their first videos together since the Sister Squad came to an end.

For those who missed it, the YouTube stars used to constantly collaborate with Ethan and Grayson Dolan, like, all the time but their friendship seemingly fizzled out following a pretty epic video from December 2018. Now, James and Emma have reunited and, yes, it feels so good. How did they get back together after all this time, you may ask? Well, in her brand new “DOING JAMES CHARLES MAKEUP” video, Emma revealed that “it’s kind of funny.”

“It wasn’t like there was anything weird at all, we just like we hadn’t spoken and we were doing our own thing,” she explained. James added, “I had tried to reach out three different times, but Emma had changed her phone number.”

But when their mutual friend was hanging out with Emma at her house, they decided to call James and he came over to her house. After they talked, Emma admitted, “I miss you, sister” and then they they hugged it out. So, does this mean the Sister Squad is getting back together? Only time will tell! But, to celebrate James and Emma’s seriously iconic friendship, we took a major walk down memory lane and relived all their best friendship moments. Scroll through our gallery for a look back at their entire friendship.

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