The Sister Squad — made up of Ethan and Grayson DolanJames Charles, and Emma Chamberlain — got each other some pretty epic Christmas gifts this year. From a giant, light-up “Sisters” bench to a two-thousand dollar espresso machine, they definitely went all out.

And lucky for us, the epic group of friends recorded all of their reactions to the presents, which they shared to the Dolan Twins’ YouTube channel on Christmas! “We are giving each other what we think each others dream gifts are,” Grayson explained in the video.

Sister Squad Christmas Presents

“What we did was, we decided to get each others dream gifts, and we said, ‘Don’t spend a lot of money.’  But we ended up spending more money than we’ve ever spent,” Ethan added. “I love giving gifts. I love watching people’s reactions.”

We honestly can’t decide what’s better, the presents they got or their hilarious reactions! Scroll through our gallery to find out what the members of the Sister Squad gave each other for Christmas and to see their amazing reaction to the gifts.

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