Are Ethan Dolan and fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain secretly dating? That seems to be the question that Dolan Twins‘ stans everywhere have been asking themselves for a while now. Yep, for those who missed it, fans have speculated for years that these two were low-key in a relationship, and TBH, there’s a ridiculous amount of proof behind the theory.

The two influencers first sparked dating rumors when they collaborated on a few videos as the “Sister Squad,” alongside beauty guru James Charles and Ethan’s brother, Grayson Dolan. Their chemistry was undeniable in the videos, and after that, they were pretty much inseparable. They were always hanging out, vlogging together and gushing over each other in interviews and on social media, and fans quickly started to assume that they were more than friends.

But unfortunately, fans are convinced that these two aren’t together anymore. Why? Well, they haven’t been spotted together in months, plus, Emma has been photographed cozying up to TikTok star Aaron Hull recently. And on December 19, 2019, the social media star addressed the rumors once and for all. A paparazzi asked the brunette beauty if she and Ethan were still together, and she responded, “I don’t know if that’s a good question to ask. If I hadn’t said it yet, why would I say it now?”

Looks like she’s over people asking her about it. OK, so was #Ethma ever real? Did they actually date? What really happened between them? And why did they split in the end? J-14 went ahead and broke down their romance from start to finish. Scroll through our gallery to uncover Ethan and Emma’s ultimate relationship timeline.

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