Does Ethan Dolan have a girlfriend? It’s the question Dolan Twins stans everywhere are asking themselves. Basically, everyone seems to believe he and fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain are a couple. And tbh, there’s a ridiculous amount of solid proof behind the theory. While Ethan and Emma have not confirmed or denied their relationship — turns out, there is a whole lot of content out there that could prove the dating rumors to be true.

Despite all the proof though, the two are really good at keeping their lips sealed! In the September 2019 issue of Marie Claire, Emma explained that while she is very open with her subscribers, she likes to keep certain things private.

“There’s nothing anybody who watches my videos doesn’t know about me, unless it’s something genuinely sacred and private to me,” she said. “Relationships with people in general, in no matter what capacity, are something that’s very emotional. They mean a lot to you. I think having eyes on that in a critical way can be really tough.”

Back in July, photographers spotted the rumored couple leaving a cycling class together and asked about the status of their relationship. When the photographer said that everyone thinks they’re an official couple, Emma responded by saying, “Yeah — but did we say it? Not yet.”


Does that mean they’ll eventually confirm their relationship in the future? Only time will tell. So is Ethma real? You be the judge! We rounded up their entire relationship timeline, from before they met all the way up to now. And trust us when we say the dating proof is quite convincing, if we do say so ourselves. From flirty exchanges to leaked photos, we’re breaking down all the moments between Ethan and Emma that could prove they’re dating. Check out the gallery below to see Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain’s entire relationship timeline.

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